have just released a new article, here, which compares the latest Serial ATA drives' performance with their parallel counterparts.

In these days of fast processors, large amounts of RAM, powerful graphics cards, etc, the HDD is the main bottleneck, and improved and updated technology in this area would help overall PC performance greatly. Serial ATA attempts to do just that. But does it succeed?

"From a performance standpoint, Serial ATA looks promising. Maxtor's first-generation drive put on quite a show, proving that there's more to love about this new standard than its fancy cables. But oh those cables! Be still my beating heart!"

"If I could, I'd migrate over to Serial ATA today, but the fact that drives are barely trickling onto the market makes that difficult. In fact, the only drawback I see to Serial ATA is its currently limited availability, which will hopefully improve soon. I'm so impressed with Serial ATA that I'd even hold off purchasing a new hard drive just to get my hands on the technology, but that's just me."

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