Representatives with Apple have reportedly been meeting with media executives as the Cupertino-based company draws closer to jumping into the television market. It is believed that the long-rumored Apple television, collectively known as the iTV by most media outlets, will rely on some sort of wireless streaming to access content.

The latest report by The Wall Street Journal brings together several tidbits picked up on in recent weeks. In addition to wireless streaming from devices or the Internet, Apple could implement voice and motion movements to control a television set or use AirPlay to allow users to control the TV with an iPhone or iPad. Another technology would allow a user to start watching a video on the TV then pause and pick up where they left off on another device.

Perhaps the most interesting revelation comes from a source that claims Apple has worked on technologies that would allow them to provide a DVR solution using iCloud. This could potentially introduce some tricky licensing issues in regards to recorded broadcast television but if the company were to pull it off, it could open a whole new set of opportunities in terms of how we watch and share content.

It remains to be seen just what exactly the tight-lipped technology company will ultimately bring to market. Apple has been rumored to be developing a television set for years but thus far nothing has materialized. That all changed when Steve Jobs told Walter Isaacson during an interview for his biography that he had "finally cracked it," referring to the television market.