FedEx has responded to a video posted on YouTube earlier this week that shows a delivery man literally throwing a computer monitor over a fence and casually walking back to his truck. The clip went viral, amassing over 4.5 million views since Monday and ticking off a lot of customers in the process.

In the description for the video posted by YouTube member goobie55, the resident was at home at the time of the delivery and even had the front door open. All the FedEx driver would have had to do was ring the bell at the gate. Instead, he hurled the computer monitor over the fence and left.

Senior vice president of FedEx Express US operations Matthew Thornton, III has responded to the video with one of his own. In the clip, Thornton says he has seen the video and admits that he is upset and embarrassed for his customer's poor experience. He goes on to apologize and says that FedEx has met with the customer in question and they have resolved the issue.

As for the delivery driver in question, Thornton says the individual is being disciplined and is no longer working with customers. He says the FedEx motto is to make every FedEx experience outstanding and this one clearly fell short (no pun intended) of that goal. The company has shared the video internally and is using it as a learning experience and a reminder to employees company-wide.

Kudos to FedEx for stepping up, admitting guilt and responding to the negative PR incident. It would have been just as easy to sweep the whole mess under the rug and act as if it had never happened. By publically responding, FedEx has done what it can to reinstall trust in their service and brand.