High-end gaming computers are usually underrepresented at CES but Origin PC has stepped into the plate with a revised version of its Genesis desktop, which now supports overclocking to a record 5.7GHz, as well as redesigned Eon notebooks for mobile gamers.

The company has been selling Genesis desktops factory-overclocked to 5.2GHz for a few months already, but starting later this month, customers will be able to push frequencies even higher thanks to a new 'Phase Change' cooling system option. According to Origin, phase change technologgy will enable the machines' processor to be cooled at sub-zero temperatures, as low as -40 degrees celsius.

According to Cnet, phase change cooling works somewhat like an air conditioner, compressing gas (or a mixture of gasses), which progresses through a cycle of liquefying and evaporation as it absorbs heat from the CPU more effectively than simple air-cooling or even typical liquid cooling hardware.

Origin PC has yet to reveal pricing details for the new cooling option but you can bet it won't come in cheap. The base Genesis model starts at $1,337 but climbs up real fast as you start adding options.

The company also revealed the new 15- and 17-inch Eon gaming notebooks, which tweak the generic-looking shell from Clevo that most custom PC builders use to include a slightly more stylish outer lid with angular cutouts. Otherwise the laptops have essentially the same components and configuration options they've been offering for the past few months. Origin's 15- and 17-inch Eon laptops start at around $1,500.

Beyond the new product announcements, Origin said that going forward, every customer will receive free U.S.-based 24-7 technical support for life. Free shipping and part replacement is still only one year, but labor for upgrades is part of the lifetime support package.