IE5 introduced the new 'Web Archive' format for storing web pages, which have the extension MHT. The 'Web Archive' saves a web page as a single document complete with all images. The format is a standard mime/multipart e-mail message, a mime decoding program such as 7bit, 8bit & Base 64 decoder should be able to turn it into something usable with your OS & browser of choice.

This format is pretty nifty & usable, however, there is a potential security breach found when used with encoded executable along with malformed MIME header in the 'Web Archive'. If the encode data is executable or has a single word "MZP" encoded within & Content-Type is not designated, IE5 will be terminated by critical buffer overflow. Consequently, one could compromise the client pc by executing malicious code in the memory.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 & 6.0; prior versions are not vulnerable.

Currently none available.

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