Computer users in the 1990s may remember the IBM Model M keyboard for varying reasons. The Model M was a mechanical keyboard, providing a highly audible feedback as a result of this. It garnered something of a reputation for this noise it produced, but the Model M (and other mechanical keyboards) fell by the wayside as cheaper capacitive models became more common. Since then, mechanical keyboards have grown into something of a niche for their typewriter-esque sounds. Neowin reviews the Das Keyboard Professional S, the same keyboard that we reviewed back in 2008 and that's remained a favorite of TechSpot's staff since then.

At $129.99, the Das Keyboard is expensive, but comes across almost as a celebration of mechanical keyboards in general. As the name suggests it is very much a professional-grade choice, with four main models being offered: the Professional (full-volume with marked keys), the Silent (reduced-volume with marked keys), the Ultimate (either volume, completely blank keys), and the Mac (exclusively for Apple's Macs, and a new offering). For this review, we're taking a look at the Professional model, though the experience should extend across all models.

Much of the Das Keyboard's appeal lies in its claim to be 'The Mechanical Keyboard that Clicks'. It certainly does click, and it has clicked with me. While it is marketed as being a loud keyboard, it is loud without being intrusive, and it would only be in a populated office that you might experience any opposition to the noise it makes.

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