Marvell has announced their new low-cost 88SS9187 SATA 3 controller, designed for use in solid-state drives (SSDs) targeted at the enterprise and mobile markets. The new controller features the latest 6Gb/s SATA 3.1 host interface which they say has been optimized specifically for SSDs.

Marvell says the controller features their "groundbreaking correction capability" based on an ECC engine with Adaptive Read and Write Scheme, as well as on-chip RAID functionality to allow use of the latest generation NAND flash memory devices. It also includes a high-speed DDR3 DRAM interface with support for up to 1GB of memory, which "permits customers to implement highly performance optimized mapping algorithms."

"We continue to drive market-leading innovation in our SATA technology products, as seen with today's launch of the 88SS9187 SATA controller powered by high performance embedded processor technology. The best-in-class, open architecture of the device allows SSD manufacturers to fully customize their products to meet specific customer demands and distinguish their products based on price, performance, power and functionality," said Alan Armstrong, VP of marketing for Marvell Semiconductors storage business group.

The new chip is said to have the lowest active and standby power consumption on the market. It also features a high random read and write IOPS and can reach 500MB/s sequential write performance even under "dirty drive conditions." Overall, Marvell's latest solution should deliver lower costs combined with increased performance and improved power efficiency over previous controller designs.

While exact details were not disclosed, Marvell says a significant number of SSD manufacturers are set to use their new controller immediately, with many others to follow suit later this year.