In celebration of the game's 13th anniversary, EverQuest Producer Thom Terrazas announced that the game is switching to a free-to-play format in addition to unveiling several other perks that are sure to keep diehard fans playing for the foreseeable future.

There are now three tiered membership levels to choose from. For $15 per month, players can maintain up to eight characters with full access to all classes, races and items. A $5 monthly plan nets the majority of the aforementioned perks with some restrictions, however. The free membership will allow players to maintain up to two characters although with level caps and further restrictions on items and races.

The free tier is mostly designed to give those new to MMORPGs an opportunity to play without investing money in something they might not like. Furthermore, the game studio hopes to lure back former players for another round of action.

In addition to the new membership levels, there's new content abound for both old and new players. Gamers can take part in Lucky 13 which is a set of 13 different quests to celebrate the game's anniversary. The team also recently announced another new continent that will be finished within the next year. describes the title as the first 3D MMORPG game to hit the market when it launched in March 1999. EverQuest introduced the genre to many core components that are commonplace in today's MMORPG titles and has stood the test of time like few have.