I grew up in a generation where computers and the Internet were just starting to become a “big thing.” As such, there were multiple computer-related courses as electives in middle and high school. As a tech geek at heart, I signed up for the majority of courses offered although there were only one or two typing classes that I recall.

In these classes, the teacher would place a cardboard box over the keyboard to help you learn the home row keys, the most basic of typing skills. Much more fun, however, were the typing games we were allowed to play. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing still stands out as the single game that helped increase my typing speed and accuracy while competing against fellow classmates for the highest score.

While these classes certainly helped to put me on the right track, I feel that I got the most practice from wasting the nights away in chat rooms. I’d stay up all hours of the night chatting on my Web TV (this was before I had a PC) and loved every minute of it. I specifically remember using the wireless keyboard while laying in bed with the lights off so I wouldn’t be able to see the keys. As you can imagine, there was plenty of trial and error there.

With this weekend open forum we want to hear about how you learned to type. Did you teach yourself, learn in grade school or college or perhaps you still haven’t mastered the task?