Spotify is now allowing website owners and bloggers to integrate the free music service directly into their page. Site owners have notoriously been leery of adding music to pages for fear of repercussions from the music industry but as the popular lyric goes, The Times They Are A-Changin’.

Spotify Play Button is a widget that will allow site owners to load a single song, an entire album or a custom playlist. When a viewer visits a Play Button-infused paged, they can select any song in the playlist which is said to play instantly when clicked. Visitors will need to be Spotify members for the widget to work, however.

To create a Play Button, right click any track, album or playlist in Spotify and select Copy Spotify URI. Paste the code into the generator then copy that code to the target website. Owners can customize the widget by selecting size, theme and view options during the code generation process.

As a Spotify Premium member, I tested the app at two early adopter sites, Huffington Post and Entertainment Weekly. When I clicked on a track at either site, a separate window opened and asked if I’d like to allow Spotify to play the link. I checked yes and my Spotify desktop client opened but ultimately the song never loaded and the widget reported back a message saying Spotify failed to launch. I tested in Firefox and Chrome on both sites with no luck.

Do you think embedded music on a website is a good idea? I can’t help but think back to the days of MySpace when horrible tunes were embedded on virtually every profile.