A Microsoft product roadmap has leaked onto the net recently that shows several new items in the pipeline through 2014. The screenshots in question are dated December 22, 2011 and were recently posted on Twitter by Maarten Visser, CEO of Meetroo which is a SharePoint and mobility startup.

Items of interest include Internet Explorer 10 with a mid-2012 launch window that could likely coincide with a Windows 8 release, although the timing would be off slightly based on a suspected October introduction for the new operating system. It's more likely that the new browser will launch alongside the Windows 8 Release Candidate in the near future.

Office 15 is scheduled to go into beta sometime near the middle of this year as well with availability listed for early 2013. The exact same can be said for Exchange 15, SharePoint 15, Visio 15 and Project 15. An update for Windows Phone is expected later this year with the icon on the roadmap indicating "general availability." This could possibly be the Apollo update, otherwise known as Windows Phone 8.

Visser didn't post every screenshot but we are told that Silverlight shows zero updates after the December 2011 web release. Visual Studio is set to be released to manufacturing later this year alongside SQL Server.

It's worth pointing out that the term 'leaked' is used loosely here as Visser claims that he obtained the slides from the Microsoft Partner Network where they can be downloaded without logon.