Samsung is reportedly getting ready to launch a cloud-based service that will allow users to remotely store movies, photos, music, and other content with the ability to access them anytime on various Samsung TVs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. According to Korean newspaper Maeil Business, the so-called "S-Cloud" service will be unveiled alongside the Galaxy S III at an event in London on May 3.

Although details are scarce at the moment, the report says that it'll be similar to iCloud but without any limitations on the type of content you can upload. It'll also apparently come with a store offering up free and paid content including popular TV shows, movies, and music. Storage capacity will supposedly exceed the 5GB offered by Apple for free but it's not clear by how much and there's no mention of paid plans.

Maeil Business claims that Samsung has partnered with Microsoft to power its cloud storage service and ensureĀ  S-Cloud is available globally. Whether it will be exclusive to Android or extend to their Windows Phone range is uncertain. Either way, if the unveiling takes place on May 3, it's not long now until we know for certain.

Earlier this week Samsung invited members of the press to a launch event in London. Although the South Korean firm hasn't officially confirmed that the event will play host to the unveiling of its Galaxy S2 replacement, that's widely expected to be the case given the call to "come and meet the next Galaxy".