Norton is going head-to-head with AgileBits' 1Password with a new password manager of their own. Identity Safe is a cloud-based program that manages and generates new passwords for the user and is compatible with Windows, iOS and Android.

Norton is hoping to lure potential users to the service with the promise of putting an end to forgotten passwords forever. A recent survey from the company claims that 70 percent of web surfers have forgotten a password in the last month.

The service will remember all of your login information and enter them into the appropriate fields when you visit a password-protected website for which you've saved login credentials for. Identity Safe can additionally keep track of non-login data like addresses, credit card numbers, frequent flyer numbers and more.

Identity Safe will warn users about malicious websites that may attempt to steal sensitive data as well. The service works on multiple popular web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome and is compatible on iOS devices as well as Android-powered products.

The software is available now for free through Norton's website, although TUAW notes that despite advertising a Mac version, it isn't available yet. If you download by October 1, 2012, the software will be free of charge forever with no strings attached. There's no word on how much Norton might charge after the freebie date rolls by.

If you don't particularly trust Norton or your browser to store your passwords, there's always the tried and true method of physically writing down your passwords on a sheet of paper.

Update: The Mac version is now available through Norton's Identity Safe website.