AMD is expected to release their next generation Trinity APU very soon but if you are growing impatient and would like an early look at some key features, keep reading. A series of leaked slides have found their way to the web courtesy of Chinese site EXPreview that reveal a great deal of information on the upcoming APU.

The Tech Report notes that Trinity will be based on an updated Piledriver version of the Bulldozer CPU cores from the company’s FX line of desktop chips. Trinity cores will be able to process more instructions per clock cycle with less power draw. Users can expect dual- and quad-core APUs clocked from 2.0GHz up to 3.8GHz. The publications highlights that AMD already has a 4.2GHz FX processor but it has a TDP of 125w. The highest TDP on a Trinity chip will be 100w.

The integrated Radeon graphics inside Trinity looks to consume nearly half of the die and is said to include up to 384 ALUs with clock speeds approaching 800MHz. According to the slides, the GPU die measures 246 mm² which is a little larger than Llano and a good bit bigger than Ivy Bridge. Note that Ivy Bridge is built using a 22nm process while Trinity will use a 32nm manufacturing process.

As with all leaked slides and rumors, these should be taken with a grain of salt. Interestingly enough, the slides are watermarked with VR Zone’s logo although I couldn’t find any mention of them on their website.