Lenovo will be investing $800 million into a new mobile products plant in Wuhan, one of the largest cities in China. The Lenovo Industrial Base will cover research & development, production and sales of smartphones and tablets with a target opening date of October 2013.

The facility will service both the local and global markets and is expected to generate around $1.5 billion in revenue by 2014 and roughly $8 billion within the next five years. Lenovo envisions around 10,000 jobs being created over the next few years as a result of the Wuhan facility.

Lenovo’s decision to build the installation signals their desire to soak up a larger mobile market share. In their press release, the company notes that they are already a top-three smartphone maker in China.

The company introduced the K800 smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year. This handset is one of the first to utilize Intel’s Medfield-based processor. That phone is expected to ship by the end of this month, according to Intel’s Sean Maloney.

On the tablet side, Lenovo is readying the IdeaTab S2109 with an unspecified processor (Engadget says it’ll be an OMAP4 chip but that’s unconfirmed), a 9.7-inch display sharing the same 4:3 aspect ratio and 1024 x 768 resolution of the first two generations of the iPad and 1GB of RAM. The system was unveiled on YouTube last month but there’s still no release date or MSRP for the slate as of writing.