Adobe is now shipping the final release of Creative Suite 6 (CS6) which includes a multitude of software suites available individually or as one big bundle. Design and creative professionals can now get their hands on full versions of Dreamweaver, Fireworks, InDesign and Photoshop (just to name a few) although users will need to have the necessary hard drive space and plenty of spare cash since the subscription-based model won't be available until May 11.

Software optimizations are said to bring better performance and speed suite-wide while some programs have also received a visual upgrade. We highlighted some of the new Photoshop CS6 features in March when Adobe released a beta version that was free to download and evaluate. Key features in Photoshop CS6 include a content-aware tool, a Camera RAW sub-application and a set of video editing tools.

Individuals that work part time or might not otherwise want to drop big bucks for the entire suite can sign up for Creative Cloud, Adobe's subscription-based program that starts at $49.99 per month. With Creative Cloud, users have access to the entire CS6 bundle as well as exclusive online content with a membership license. Contrary to what the "cloud" name might imply, software is installed locally on the user's computer instead of remotely on a server in the middle of nowhere.

This could be the perfect solution for freelance designers that need access to Adobe software at a fraction of the full suite price. And speaking of pricing, the Master Collection will set you back a cool $2,599. Smaller packages are available as well, including Design & Web Premium for $1,899, Design Standard for $1,299 and Production Premium for $1,899.

Individual software pricing can be found in the chart above. Student and teacher discounts significantly reduce the overall price but of course one must prove they are eligible for said discounts.