Steam's remote management feature is now out of beta and available to the general masses. As the name suggests, remote management allows a user to buy and download new titles directly to their main computer while away from home through any connected web browser as well as Android and iOS versions of the Steam app.

We highlighted this feature earlier this month but now that it's out of beta, we felt it was worth mentioning again in case anyone glanced over it. The whole idea behind this feature is to allow a gamer to initiate a remote download of a new title so it will be ready to play once you do finally return home to your main system.

This could be extremely useful if you are stuck at work when a new game drops, are on vacation or otherwise away from your main system for an extended period of time. Those with slower Internet connections will appreciate the feature exponentially as it means less time waiting around for a game to download.

By logging into the Steam website or using one of the mobile apps, users can access their library anywhere in the world and remotely download new games or even pre-loads onto their home computer. Gamers can also install or reinstall any title from their collection remotely. It goes without saying that you will need the latest update from Steam for the service to work.

As we initially pointed out, users must have their home PC on and the Steam client running for the service to work. If you don't want to leave your system on all day, it's recommended to set your PC up for wake on LAN (Device Manager > open your network adapter's properties > power management tab > check "allow this device to wake the computer").