Gigabyte is hosting a media event on May 31 in Taipei where they promise to unveil the lightest notebook on the planet. The briefing will happen less than a week before the start of Computex, one of the largest trade shows in the world.

Details are light (no pun intended) at this point but the invitation to Gigabyte's X11 event claims the company has "discovered the 6th element." As The Tech Report highlights, carbon is the sixth element on the periodic table which probably means that the notebook will use a carbon fiber shell. This material would indeed lend itself to being extremely light.

Delving into the X11 name, one could surmise that the screen's size will be somewhere in the 11-inch range. This is even more likely considering it's supposed to be the lightest notebook on earth.

Interestingly enough, Gigabyte hasn't classified this notebook as an Ultrabook and there could be several reasons why. In order to use the Ultrabook brand, a system must feature specific Intel processors, meet various maximum size requirements and be able to resume from hibernation within a certain amount of time, just to name a few requirements.

It's likely that Gigabyte's notebook might not meet one or more of these requirements, otherwise we can't think of a reason why they would shy away from the Ultrabook branding. For example, perhaps the company has stuffed some AMD hardware under the hood.

Either way, we'll have an answer next week.