Two publications have released photos of what their sources claim is the back casing for the next iPhone. If the photos prove to be legit, then so too would be the rumors of a larger handset, a retro aluminum design and a smaller dock connector.

9to5Mac has posted a photo of a black back casing that they obtained from iPhone repair shop iFixyouri. The image shows the rumored smaller dock connector at the bottom of the phone while the overall casing looks larger and thinner than the 4S. The larger speaker grills are said to accommodate higher quality speakers that will be louder and sound better. We can also see what appears to be a headphone jack at the bottom of the case rather than on top. The rear shell is a single piece that's anchored by an aluminum alloy, although supposedly not the rumored liquidmetal substance.

iFixyouri also told the publication that there would be two additional colors available on top of the traditional black and white handsets. This bit seems a little far-fetched but with a new CEO in charge at Apple, anything is possible.

Engadget has supplied us with alternate photos of a white case from uBreakiFix that looks identical to its black counterpart. These photos are of better quality and at first glance seem to squash the notion that the back panel features a two-tone design. Upon closer inspection, however, it just looks like there's a protectice plastic covering over the entire part, something that isn't obvious in the photos from 9to5Mac.