Creative has announced a new line of speakers that combine wireless audio with Sound Blaster technology. The Sound BlasterAxx is available in three different models with Bluetooth built into the middle and high-end products.

Each standalone hexagonal-shaped speaker uses the new SBAxx-1 audio processor, receives power via USB from either a wall socket or computer and includes an integrated microphone with multiple voice-enhancing features and modifiers to use during video chat.

Engadget points out that the microphone enhancements include highly-focused directionality, noise reduction and Smart Volume, a technology that automatically raises or lowers the volume level as you step further away or come closer to the speaker. The back panel of each speaker also includes a headphone jack and auxiliary / microphone in jack.

The BlasterAxx line is fully compatible with PC and Mac. CNET tells us that they are even designed to work “intelligently” with smart devices such as Android phones and tablets as well as the iPhone and iPad.

The speakers are designed to be portable with their weight reflecting this. The SBX 8 weighs around 0.6 pounds while the largest SBX 20 tips the scales at just over 4 pounds. Unfortunately all of the juicy specs like power output have been omitted from the specifications page on the Sound Blaster website.

It's worth pointing out that while the middle and upper end products have wireless Bluetooth support, the low end SBX 8 must be tethered to an audio source.

Pricing is pretty reasonable for the BlasterAxx line. The entry-level non-Bluetooth SBX 8 retails for $99.99, the middle-grade SBX 10 goes for $149.99 while the top-of-the-line SBX 20 can be yours for $199.99. The SBX 8 and SBX 10 will be available in July while those wanting the SBX 20 will have to wait until August.