Apple could be preparing to demonstrate a new operating system for the Apple TV set-top box at the Worldwide Developers Conference in a couple of weeks. The OS is much more feature-complete than the current offering and while that alone could be exciting news for some, BGR says that this OS will also be utilized on the company's long-rumored HDTV.

A trusted source told the publication that Apple has been shopping around a new "control out" API that would allow manufacturers to make accessories and components that would be compatible with the new TV OS and the pending television set. This new API will reportedly be able to control any connected component from the Apple remote control and probably the Apple iOS remote app as well.

As you can imagine, having this level of control over components would be unheard of as today's home theater systems typically include a bevy of different remote controls, infrared codes, physical cables and / or separate Wi-Fi apps for each device.

The publication's source claims that the API works on all levels of popular components, even allowing the user to control programming guides on a cable provider's box. Perhaps this could be the game-changer that the late Steve Jobs was referring to when he said he'd finally cracked it?

Finally, the iTV isn't expected to make an appearance at WWDC although at this point anything is viable. The developer conference runs from June 11 through the 15th in San Francisco.