Following up from the release of its Win8 Metro Testbed app for the iPad back in April, Splashtop is now extending support to Android tablets — specifically those running version 3.1 or later, with either 7- or 10-inch screens, and an ideal display resolution of 1280x800. The app works in conjunction with a free client program that must be installed on a Windows 8 PC in order to stream its desktop to a linked tablet.

Splashtop's solution is aimed at developers who want to test touch functions of their apps in a Windows 8 environment, even if they don't have a touch-enabled Windows 8 device to test upon. Supported gestures include swiping from the right to bring up the "charms" menu, swiping from the left to switch apps, swiping left or right in IE to move between web pages, swiping down to bring up additional menus, swiping down on an item to select it, pull down to close an app, slow swipe to "snap" two apps side-by-side, and more.

Splashtop co-founder and CEO Mark Lee said they decided to bring the Win8 Metro Testbed app to Android in response to the high demand from the developer community and the success of the iOS version. According to the press release, the app has become the top-grossing "utilities" app at Apple’s App Store in 72 countries, and the #33 top-grossing iPad app overall in the United States.

Win8 Metro Testbed can be downloaded for a special limited time launch promotion price of $24.99 from Google Play or Apple’s App Store. The app normally costs $49.99.