The iPad is still the most widely used tablet to surf the Internet by a huge margin, but traffic has dropped slightly so far this month. New data from ad network Chitika shows that the iPad accounted for 94.64 percent of all tablet traffic in May but between June 4-10, that figure slipped to only 91.07 percent.

Chitika suggests that the 3.5 percent drop in web traffic is likely an effect of declining tablet prices amongst the competition and the sheer number of options available to the consumer. But despite all of this, there aren't any competitors even remotely close to matching the iPad with regards to web traffic.

Data from the report indicates that the next most popular web surfing tablet only accounted for 1.77 percent of traffic. Other tablets that broke the 1 percent barrier include the Acer Iconia, Toshiba Thrive and the Asus Transformer. The Sony Tablet S was at the bottom of the list, bested even by the short-lived HP TouchPad. Of course, this could all change as Windows 8 tablets begin to surface later this year.

In related news, the ad agency also found that there is a new king in the e-reader division as the Barnes & Noble Nook has surpassed the Kindle Fire in traffic impressions. The company notes that the Kindle Fire has held a steady share while the Nook has gained in this category. Chitika thinks this has to do with a recent advertising campaign that has improved brand recognition among potential buyers.