iPad web traffic dips, Nook overtakes Kindle Fire among e-readers

Shawn Knight

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The iPad is still the most widely used tablet to surf the Internet by a huge margin, but traffic has dropped slightly so far this month. New data from ad network Chitika shows that the iPad accounted for 94.64 percent…

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I wasn't aware the kindle fire was classified as an e-reader. The back lit screen doesn't seem any better for reading than any tablet or monitor.


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The Nook and Kindle Fire are closer in price to e-readers than an iPad. I own a Nook tablet and it was $200. The Nook Glow e-reader is $160. A new iPad is $499 at the low end right? The Nook Tablet also comes pre-loaded with an Android version that is heavily favored toward e-reading. It puts your books front and center and the internet via wi-fi only is almost just a bonus. The screen is also the ratio of a book, not 4:3 like an iPad.

The Nook and Kindle can be compared to each other, but the iPad is really very different. These e-reader/tablet combos sell well because they're really just entry-level tablets.