A self-proclaimed grey hat hacker known as Reckz0r claims to have accessed nearly 80 large banks, collecting a massive amount of customer data in the process. To verify these claims, the hacker made a plain text file available on AnonFiles.com that contains roughly 1,700 user accounts, complete with names, addresses, e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

The file offered up as proof contains data from alleged customers in the US and other parts of the world. Credit card numbers were withheld from the data dump and the full collection of information hasn't been released simply because there is too much of it. Reckz0r noted that the full data dump containing Mastercard and VISA accounts is around 50GB or larger.

In a Pastebin post last week, Reckz0r is self-described as a former member of Anonymous and UGNazi as well as the creator of SpexSecurity. The author notes that they were doing these things for nothing and will move forward using their intelligence for good as a white hat hacker.

Members of the hacking community generally fall into one of three categories. White hat, or ethical hackers, use their skills for non-malicious purposes such as testing the security of a network for a business. A black hat hacker is traditionally described as the stereotypical hacker that is out for personal gain or to cause malice. Those falling somewhere in the middle are known as grey hat hackers.