Details on the Galaxy Note's successor have been revealed by Korean site MK Business News, which suggests the Galaxy Note 2 could arrive as early as October running Android's new Jelly Bean mobile OS with an even bigger display and using its new unbreakable plane (UBP) technology.

Apple is also expected to launch the new iPhone model around October so the two would compete for consumer attention. Arguably, though, those looking for a 5-inch or even larger smartphone probably weren't considering an iPhone in the first place.

Industry sources say that the South Korean technology giant will launch the new device using an unbreakable plane (UBP) display, supposedly a precursor to their flexible display technology, and will reportedly be larger than the 5.3-inch version in the current model. That said, it's hard to say how much larger Samsung could realistically make it before its new smartphone ends up turning into a tablet. In all honesty, the Galaxy Note already flirts right on the line between the two as it is.

Despite the additional display real-estate, the UBP technology is said to be thinner than the current display in the Galaxy Note, which will allow for a slimmer design whilst freeing enough space for new hardware internals that are rumored to include a quad-core processor.

Other rumored improvements include better battery life, a sturdier design for better shock-resistance against potential falls, and a 12MP camera instead of an 8MP unit as in the previous model.

Industry insiders also say that the new model may carry a new name. More information including the specifics of the hardware will no doubt reveal themselves as the device nears launch. It's always best taking rumors with a pinch of salt, but should they see the light of day it will make for a very interesting fall.