There wasn't much to report during the weekend, BTW we should a few surprises here soon.

Joe Wilcox of CNet fame has posted an interesting article that is well worth a look on his homepage, "Microsoft's scary post-war crisis", the title should give you a good idea what it is about. I'm still not done reading but so far he has brought some interesting points.

Tech-Report guys have a detailed look to BFG's GeForceFX 5800 Ultra retail board (sporting that cool, very loud fan ;)). Since we won't have any of those in our hands for test anytime soon - and probably you won't either - you might want to check how it performs. What we should have though, are reviews of FX mainstream products that will be widely available retail.

HomeLan has some info on a recent Wired print magazine article about Doom III, apparently Microsoft is offering lots of money to id to make an exclusive Doom III Xbox port, though nothing has been decided yet (still months away you know). Good thing is, PC users will most probably get it first.

Another of those "tweak your 9500 Pro" article, perhaps there's something new you haven't tried yet, have a look.