Mozilla teases 'something BIG' coming for Android next week with Firefox The folks at Mozilla have taken to Twitter to tease us all about a big BIG update in Firefox for Android next week. The details are sparse (as they should be in any teasers worth their salt) only promising something fast, smart, and safe. Firefox development for Android has been steady, but slow, with small and frequent updates to their beta builds. Android Central

29 days with Android After 4 years of owning an iPhone, I have reached the end of Day 29 of owning an Android phone - specifically, the HTC One X. Why is 29 days noteworthy? Because I have 30 days after buying a new phone to return it to AT&T if I am unhappy - so, if I'm going to go back to the iPhone, it would have to be tomorrow. I'll go ahead and spoil the ending for you: I'm keeping the HTC One X. The Verge forums

Alienware and the battle for the living room The rumoured death of PC gaming has haunted Arthur Lewis for much of the last two decades. As one of the principal shareholders and top executives at Alienware, he helped steer a fanciful idea concocted by two of his childhood friends to the very pinnacle of PC gaming hardware, and ultimately to a 2006 acquisition by Dell rumoured to be in the hundreds of millions. Gameindustry

PayPal starts bug bounty program for security research PayPal is the latest company to join the ranks of software vendors and Web properties that offer bounties to security researchers who privately disclose new bugs to them. The company isn't saying how much it will pay for each bug, just that its security team will determine the severity of each flaw as well as the ultimate payout. Threatpost

Canonical explains decision to ditch GRUB 2 on UEFI systems Microsoft's insistence that Windows 8 machines ship with Secure Boot technology in the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), a specification that essentially replaces and overcomes the limitations of the traditional BIOS, has Linux developers scrambling to ensure their distros will work on tomorrow's systems. ExtremeTech

"Hello, I Am Sabu ..." On the day that he joined forces with the hacker collective Anonymous, Hector Xavier Monsegur walked his two little girls half a dozen blocks to their elementary school. "My girls," he called them, although they weren't actually his children. Monsegur, then 27, had stepped in after their mother---his aunt---returned to prison for heroin dealing. New York

Valve and Adult Swim are planning big things together Valve and Adult Swim have come together in a glorious union of witticism, snark and something else that they're not telling us until next week. Adult Swim has a promo page decked out in Team Fortress 2 images and hashtags, and it promises this partnership will beget "something that you'll probably enjoy." Joystiq

Write speeds for phase-change memory reach record limits By pre-organizing atoms in a bit of phase-change memory, information can be written in less than one nanosecond, the fastest for such memory. With write speeds comparable to the memory that powers our computers, phase change memory could one day help computers boot up instantly. Ars Technica

One shot, one kill, no skill: Why a regular gamer started paying to cheat at video games The tale of how one man from Canada became the kind of person who pays a monthly fee to cheat at video games is like many stories about good people who slide toward the more nefarious extremes of life. Kotaku (also, Super Monday Night Combat dev responds)

The many pivots of How a livecam show became home to video gaming superstars It was when the San Francisco police burst into his apartment, guns drawn, that Justin Kan first found cause to question his business model. The incident – later immortalized on YouTube – occurred one night in March 2007. Fast Company

ICANN changes leadership For the last three years, Rod Beckstrom has led the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANNs) through a period of tremendous change. It's an era that is now coming to an end as ICANN, the multi-national group responsible for Internet oversight, is getting a new leader. Datamotion

Thousands of office printers hit by "gibberish" malware Thousands of office printers from large businesses around the world are churning out page after page of gibberish and wasting vast reams of paper. For once it seems malware is to blame. ZDNet