Keenly observant users have discovered categories in the Steam mobile app not found in the desktop client, namely sections like "Design and Illustration", "Photo Editing" and "Web Publishing". Although a precarious conclusion worthy of much skepticism, the addition of such categories may be an indication that Valve has plans to introduce non-gaming content to Steam.

For now, these categories are exclusively found on the Steam app for both Android and iOS. The newfound sections also remain vacuous, void of any content listed therein. In the future though, some of the categories listed, like "Utilities", could easily contain game-related programs such as trainers, mods, calculators and such. "Education", for example, could be the new home for games of learning and mental exercise. There are also items like the Source Filmmaker which would fit nicely under "Video Editing" but aren't quite games themselves.

However, what about Web Publishing, Photo Editing and Software training though? In terms of gaming, those are a little more difficult to explain.

While this discovery serves as only the slightest shred of evidence to suggest Valve may be considering the extension of Steam's offerings beyond games, the idea may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Although still game-related, it is interesting to note that Steam already offers content other than just games. Just to name a few, such tangential digital goods on Steam include readable content (Portal 2 - The Final Hours), sound tracks (Binding of Isaac soundtrack) and videos (TF2 - Meet the Pyro). 

If Valve did decide to offer content other than games, would you consider buying titles like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop from Steam?