ARM’s Mali-T604 graphics processing unit has been submitted for OpenCL 1.1 full profile conformance through the standard-setting organization known as Khronos. This is seen as a significant step forward in mobile GPU technology as they are reportedly the first to submit conformance for full profile OpenCL. In layman’s terms, this means that we can expect to see desktop-like technology and features enter mobile, embedded and smart TV markets in the not-so-distant future.

Most mobile GPUs strive for the embedded profile version of OpenCL with looser specifications for mobile devices. ARM is instead shooting for full profile OpenCL 1.1, the same kind that notebook and desktop GPUs are required to have.

With OpenCL compliance, the Mali GPU will be able to perform general computing tasks such as photo manipulation and video rendering in addition to generating some nice visuals.

Engadget feels that the certification is just a formality at this point and that this news is just foreshadowing for the release of T6xx-powered devices that should hit the market by the end of the year. They note that the Mali 400 found in the European version of the Samsung Galaxy S III can only hold the top spot for so long.

ARM introduced the fourth generation Mali-T604 nearly two years ago in November 2010. The company noted at the time that its new GPU could offer up to five times more performance than previous versions thanks to a multi-core configuration, tri-pipe architecture and better memory bandwidth management.