Last month we highlighted a Kickstarter campaign for Ouya, an Android-based gaming console that hoped to raise $950,000 in order to fund the project. The company received overwhelming support from backers and was able to surpass their goal within 24 hours. Now with less than two days remaining in the campaign, they have released even more information about the revolutionary gaming console.

Since we last checked in with Ouya, they have added several new features to the console. Game streaming service OnLive has signed on with the upcoming console, meaning gamers will be able to play graphically-intensive titles on the device that otherwise wouldn't he possible due to hardware limitations.

VEVO has also inked a deal with Ouya which allows them to host their music videos on the console, further bolstering its offering as an all-around media device. And if that weren't enough, they will also be working with XBMC, makers of the award-winning open source media player, in addition to TuneIn. The latter service lets users listen to more than 70,000 radio stations from around the world for free.

There are also some new renderings of the console itself and as Joystiq points out, it looks like a baby GameCube. Compared to the console, the game pad is seemingly much larger but that isn't a bad thing as long as it fits in the hands nicely.

Either way, it looks like the Ouya is shaping up to be as much of a media / entertainment hub as it is a gaming console. Should traditional consoles like the Xbox 360 and the PS3 be concerned yet?