New deals emerge as Ouya Kickstarter comes to a close

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Last month we highlighted a Kickstarter campaign for Ouya, an Android-based gaming console that hoped to raise $950,000 in order to fund the project. The company received overwhelming support from backers and was able to surpass their goal within 24…

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is this a viable media hub? yes, and a great one at that. Should the PS and XBox lines be worried? honestly I dont think so. OnLive takes your input, processes it back, and sends you the video/sound results. Sorry, but I still see way too many people stuck on dsl. and as long as thats happening I dont see OnLive being successful to the PS and XBox lines standards anytime soon. Way too much ping to have it work correctly.


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I'll second SCJake on the speed thing, having experienced OnLive on both FiOS and lowly AT&T DSL... While not completely unplayable, the DSL experience felt sluggish, for sure.

And, as for the Sony and Microsoft worrying, I'd say no. The Tegra 3 platform will perform admirably, but won't be in the same league as the next gen consoles from those 2. I see the Ouya appealing more for casual gaming and media services. Honestly, I'd guess that if any portion of the gaming marketplace was at risk, it would be Nintendo's - their new platform appears to be rather underwhelming in the power category, and Nintendo's established penchant for casual gaming makes them more on par with Ouya's niche.


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onlive was actually almost perfect on my 8MBPS cable. either way, this looks like a promising project...another one to come out of kickstarter.


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It actually doesn't matter that much whether you're on dsl, cable, or fios. What really matters is the ping. I've only got a crummy 3mb CenturyLink dsl connection and OnLive runs pretty damn well during late night hours. It's definitely not perfect yet, but there's certainly the possibility of it becoming more successful. In any case, partnering with them was a good thing.