Last week we published a story about a leaked Kinect 2 image that found its way to Twitter. Now that same Twitter user, superDaE, has posted and subsequently sold what he claims is a Microsoft Xbox Durango development kit on eBay for just north of $20,000. The dev kit received 43 bids with six days to go before the status was changed to “sold.”

SuperDaE was extremely vague in the eBay listing, only noting that the used condition item has an Intel processor(s) and ships with all power cables and a wired controller. The photo shows that of an ordinary-looking mid-tower PC with no noticeable indication of what’s inside or its intended purpose.

The seller defended the auction on Twitter, pointing out that it wasn’t an empty case and that it was indeed a legitimate item; one of two in his possession. In a separate message, superDaE says he only expects people who know what it is to buy it. Otherwise there would be no reason to even place a bid.

He plans to use the money from the auction towards a new car and reportedly had to verify his account with eBay following the sale. VR-Zone is in the process of tracking down the buyer and with any luck, they’ll be willing to share their $20K investment with the rest of the world.

That is, of course, if the whole thing is even legit. It's very possible this could be a scammer's attempt at making a quick $20,000.