Microsoft's decision to release their own Windows 8 tablet has had mixed reactions from manufacturers and those in the media. On one hand, there's the camp led by companies like Acer and CEO JT Wang that believe Redmond has little business in the hardware game. Their entry, as Wang recently told the Financial Times, could create a huge impact for the ecosystem and other brands might take a negative stance on the issue.

Those in the opposing camp, including HP executive John Solomon, believe that Microsoft is making a leadership statement by showing what is possible in the tablet space. Solomon recently spoke with CRN on the subject and although he didn't have much new information to share about HP's upcoming enterprise tablet strategy outside of noting it will use "unique" intellectual property, he was very supportive of Microsoft's decision to build their own hardware.

He goes on to say that HP's relationship with Microsoft has not changed as a result of the Surface tablet and he actually applauds the move to get out in front and show what is possible on the platform.

Perhaps Solomon was so quick to praise Microsoft because he doesn't feel their tablet strategy will interfere with what they are planning to do in the enterprise. In the same interview, he pointed out that Microsoft's keyboard for Surface is great for occasional use but a professional content creator wouldn't use a keyboard like that for everyday use.

We are told to expect more information about HP's offering "pretty soon."