Samsung has announced two new displays that will be introduced to the general public at IFA 2012 starting later this week. The UD22B and the NL22B were both quietly introduced at InfoComm 2012 earlier this year but as they will be commercial available starting in September, we're sure to hear more about these displays - or at least one of them - in the near future.

The UD22B is a 1:1 ratio LED square display that includes 21.6-inches of real estate and an ultrathin 5.5mm bezel - perfect for business owners looking to create a public display in retail, commercial and public locations. The seamless installation means up to 100 panels can be linked together to produce a single image across all displays.

Samsung's 22-inch NL22B is a cube-shaped device that contains a transparent front panel with a computer built into the chassis. The company describes this as an all-in-one showcase product that will launch a new era of possibilities in digital retail design.

Ideally, a retail store with one of these systems could showcase a product inside the cube while the front panel could display features, specifications or usage scenarios of said product. Samsung says the NL22B's transmittance rate of 15 percent provides exquisite picture quality when compared to competing products at just five percent. The system is sold as a stand-alone product or with an optional kit for wall installation.

Samsung's exhibit at IFA 2012 will showcase a retail display layout that is being planned for select Gucci Timepieces & Jewelry store locations. No word on how much either of these displays will sell for.