If the string of leaked iPhone components isn't enough to convince you that Apple is planning to release a new handset in the near future, maybe this next bit of news will help. Cupertino has added the iPhone 4S to their Reuse and Recycling list and is prepared to offer an Apple gift card in exchange for the handset.

The Next Web was the first to point out the addition although it's unclear exactly when it was added. The Apple Store was reportedly down for several hours this morning so it's entirely possible the change was made during that time.

As of writing, Apple is willing to cough up $345 for an iPhone 4S 64GB model. This, of course, is assuming the phone is in perfect working and cosmetic condition: no cracks or scratches, no water damage, a fully functional battery with charging cable included. For comparison, a 16GB model in identical condition will net you $285.

Some may not be fond of the idea that Apple only gives out gift cards that can be used in their store. Depending on how you look at it, this could be a good thing as you wouldn't be tempted to blow the money on trivial purchases elsewhere and could instead save it for the new iPhone - assuming, of course, that is the reason you are parting with your 4S.

Apple is widely expected to announce the next generation iPhone - and perhaps the iPad Mini - at a media event on September 12. The company has yet to confirm the date but all signs thus far suggest it to be true.