Apple could be preparing to introduce the new iPhone and the long-rumored iPad Mini at a media event on Wednesday, September 12. iMore claims that sources who have proven accurate in the past have tipped them off about this date and the eventual release date nine days later on Friday, September 21.

The tip coincides with reports last week from French site who also claimed the next wave of iDevices would go on sale September 21 as per Chinese manufacturing sources. The dates certainly seem plausible as Apple introduced the iPhone 4S on October 4, 2011 and launched the handset just 10 days later. Furthermore, moving the date from October to September would help Apple's third quarter financial figures as many people are waiting to get their hands on the new iPhone.

No new details were provided with regards to the iPad Mini other than it being nearly identical to the current version except with a smaller screen / form factor. Rumors about the iPhone's new 4-inch, 16:9 screen were reinforced in addition to the new smaller dock connector. These all line up nicely with the fully assembled iPhone 5 prototype built from supplier parts that was recently shown online. We also fully expect to see the new device(s) ship with iOS 6 which was introduced at Apple's WWDC in June.

Related news suggests that there could be a new iPod Touch on the way as well which might be introduced alongside the new iPhone and iPad Mini.