Intel demonstrated a couple of inductive charging options for keyboards and smartphones earlier this year at Computex. At the time we were told that this was only a proof of concept, one they had been working on since 2008, and there weren't any plans to bring the technology to production but it seems that Intel has since had a change of heart.

Chipzilla has now announced that Integrated Device Technology, Inc. will develop and deliver integrated transmitter and receiver chipsets for wireless charging technology to Intel. Note we are talking about wireless charging, not inductive charging. Intel says that Ultrabooks of the future will be able to charge a mobile phone wirelessly simply by placing the handset within an inch or so of the computer. Within an hour, your phone should have enough juice to last the rest of the afternoon.

"Our extensive experience in developing the innovative and highly integrated IDTP9030 transmitter and multi-mode IDTP9020 receiver has given IDT a proven leadership position in the wireless power market," said Arman Naghavi, vice president and general manager of the analog and power division at IDT.

Intel says that IDT will have completed work on the full chipset solution in early 2013 at which time it will be ready for reference design work. That of course means that consumer products are still a ways off but Intel did mention they are working with peripheral vendors that produce smartphone cases, printers and cameras to help deliver a cost-effective and easier path toward wireless charging. The technology could also have a profound effect on charging mobile devices in public much like Wi-Fi technology has revolutionized public Internet connectivity.