Every now and again, a manufacturer unveils a truly special and unique chassis that stands out among the crowd in some way or another. I’ve been doing hardware and peripheral reviews for over a decade and have seen my fair share of cases that fit into this category. Lian Li introduced us to the high-quality aluminum computer case, NZXT showed everyone that case designs could be creative on a budget and Thermaltake’s Level 10 was unlike anything we’d seen before.

Now a new company called Harwood Studios is hoping their chassis, dubbed the Murderbox MK II, is worthy enough to make the list. The goal here was to create an ultra-refined, precision crafted case that boldly stands in a class by itself, according to president and co-founder Charles Harwood (of Million Dollar PC). The chassis took two full years to design and now they are ready to show it off to the world.

This limited-edition $1,200 chassis, based on the SilverStone TJ07 unibody design, is constructed completely of raw aluminum which has been media-blasted and anodized black for a sleek look. Liquid cooling played a key role in the design of the Murderbox. The 7-bay opening at the front of the case was removed and replaced with a single 5.25-inch bay and internally retracting door.  I could go on and on but literally every component was carefully designed and tested.

Each Murderbox is hand-made to ensure every component fits together perfectly. We’re hearing that only 499 units are being built so if this is something you’re interested in, I’d recommended heading over and claiming a reservation ASAP.