According to data recently doled out by warranty provider SquareTrade, about 21 percent of iPhone-destroying calamities occur in the kitchen. While the kitchen is tops in terms of smartphone destruction, other rooms which come awfully close are the living room (18 percent) and the bathroom (16 percent). Bedrooms, on the other hand, only weighed in at 8 percent while driveways accounted for about 10 percent of all iPhone mishaps.

Although the 2,500-person survey didn't touch on why kitchens appears to be the most menacing room for iPhones, kitchens also have it out for their owners too -- so maybe it isn't just an iPhone thing. After all, what other room combines molten liquids, open flames, rock hard floors, slippery surfaces and copious amounts of sharp tools?

Americans have spent $5.9 billion on damaged iPhones, according to another recent estimate by SquareTrade. And when it comes to being careless iPhones, Mississippi is a national leader. Nearly one-third of Mississippi iPhone owners are expected to accidentally damage their phones over a two year period -- yikes.

Water is by far the most treacherous liquid when it comes iPhones, accounting for 43 percent of liquid damage. As the most ubiquitous liquid on planet Earth, water may pose no surprise; however, fluids with far more complete and irreversible powers of destruction -- soda, beer and coffee / tea -- round out the top four at 19 percent, 12 percent and 12 percent, respectively.

Ever drive off with your phone still on top of your car? No? Well, six percent of individuals surveyed said they had. Five percent said they left their iPhone in a washing machine too -- I suppose that's one way to get rid of those finger smudges.

Although those are indeed interesting ways for an iPhone to perish, there was one factoid which stood out above all others: a whole nine percent of accident-prone owners dropped their phones in the toilet. *Plunk*

Readers can view the entire infographic here.