Mozilla could be looking to reinvent bookmarking in Firefox as part of an ongoing effort to improve Firefox's browsing experience. Mozilla's Brian Groudan recently conducted a nine week research project at the request of the Firefox for Android team that questioned whether traditional bookmarks are really the best method to support revisits.  

Groudan selected 10 people to participate in his study. He sent each person a diary and asked them to keep track of various metrics over the span of three days. On the first day, he wanted users to focus on saving content. Day two was centered around revisiting content and day three dealt with bookmark deprivation.

After a follow-up interview with each participant at Mozilla headquarters, Groudan combed over the data, pulled important quotes from each person and arranged them into categories. From here he further studied the data before meeting with Mozilla's UX design team to brainstorm several design concepts.

One of the concepts that emerged is called Dropzilla. It allows a user to drag and drop a favicon into a save for later space. This visualization allows people to tackle two tasks at once: saving bookmarks and organizing bookmarks. Think of it as a Pinterest of websites you want to revisit at a later date.

Groudan concludes his blog post by pointing out that Mozilla is uniquely positioned to deliver a save function similar to this. He never came out and said it would actually happen, however. Based on positive reader reaction, Mozilla could definitely be on to something worth looking into further.