Minecraft was finally able to topple Modern Warfare 3 as the most played game on Xbox Live earlier this week. It was a pretty incredible feat but what would happen if you took elements from the sandbox world of Minecraft and combined them with first-person shooter gameplay?

Download: Ace of Spades Beta

What you'd get, according to developer Jagex (think RuneScape), is a team-based first-person shooter called Ace of Spades. At first glance, the game is essentially Minecraft with guns - the latter part being crafted specifically after the type of gameplay you'd find in Team Fortress. The same 8-bit blocky Minecraft look is there which gives players the creative freedom to build a custom battlefield as they progress through a session.

The title supports up to 32 simultaneous players in a world that's fully destructible. Much like Minecraft, players are only limited by their own creative boundaries. And judging by early screenshots, this PC-only title could very well become another overnight success.

Fortunately for gamers, this one will be here sooner rather than later. It's been in development since April of 2011 and already has a massive beta following of around 2.5 million players. Better yet, the game is set for release through the Steam platform this December for a "small fee."

Feel free to check out the game's official website for more details and to sign up for updates via email. Alternately, you can head over to the Ace of Spades Facebook page and register to win a free copy of the game.