Office Mobile for Android and iOS looks to be nearing completion based on some leaked screenshots that surfaced earlier today. Several sources have confirmed that the apps are indeed real and that Microsoft is planning to launch them in early 2013, according to The Verge.

The apps will be free of charge for those with a Microsoft account on both platforms, albeit limited in function. Users will be able to view Excel, PowerPoint and Word documents on the go but editing functions will be reserved for those with an Office 365 subscription.

iOS users will reportedly be able to purchase an Office 365 subscription within the app. Alternatively, users can enter in a product code distributed through work to enable the full experience. It's worth mentioning that only basic editing tasks will be available on these mobile platforms. If you've got some heavy-duty work to do, a computer will still be your best bet.

The rumor of an Office iPad app first surfaced late last year but was ultimately squashed by Microsoft despite a leaked photo showing what looked like an Office application running on Apple's tablet. In May, we heard that Microsoft Office would finally be coming to Android and iOS platforms this November.

It seems now that Microsoft was unable to meet this initial deadline. According to a Microsoft product manager speaking last month, we should now expect to see Office Mobile for Android and iOS in March 2013.