Microsoft is planning to release a full suite of Office apps for Android and iOS later this year. The apps are said to be launching in November and with full iOS compatibility, this means we could potentially see apps on the iPhone and iPod touch in addition to the iPad, according to a reliable source as reported by BGR.

Rumors have suggested that Microsoft has been working on an Office suite for the iPad for some time now. Late last year The Daily reported on this and even followed up on their story in February with a photo of the app running on an iPad with claims to have had some hands-on time with a working prototype of the software.

Microsoft didn't take too kindly to this, issuing a statement saying The Daily story was based on inaccurate rumors and speculation. Redmond followed up by noting that the software in the photo did not belong to them before concluding that they had no further comment. Notice how they didn't specifically say they weren't working on a mobile version of Office?

The publication specifically mentions Android tablets but not Android smartphones. Furthermore, their source claims to have seen Office running on an iPad and says that it's almost identical to the photo that hit the web earlier this year.

It's worth mentioning that the original source also noted that an Android version of Office wasn't in the works, contradictory to the latest news from BGR.