If you're the type that likes to live on the cutting edge of technology, you're no doubt familiar with the next generation of television sets that support 4K resolutions. The problem with most next gen technology, however, is a lack of initial support and unfortunately, 4K resolution TVs are no different.

That's why Sony has taken some extra steps to ensure those that buy their upcoming XBR-84X900 Ultra HDTV won't experience the typical early adopter pains that usually accompany brand new tech.

Ray Hartjen from Sony recently took to the company blog to outline some of the 4K resolution-specific features that will ship with this new set. For starters, the television includes three chipsets that help power the X-Reality PRO picture engine and upscales today's programming to near 4K quality. That also includes content from the collection of Blu-ray discs you may already own.

The really interesting part, however, is Hartjen's admission that the set will include the world's first 4K Ultra HD delivery solution. He says it will come complete with pre-loaded, native 4K entertainment. It was clear in the post that this wouldn't simply be some 4K video demo but instead, full length feature Hollywood productions that would only be available to those who bought the TV.

Unfortunately Hartjen didn't go into any further detail about this 4K delivery solution so we will have to wait and see exactly what it consists of.

If you are unfamiliar, the 84-inch screen features a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160. It went up for pre-order back in early September for a staggering $25,000 and should begin shipping within the next few weeks.