Earlier this month we outlined some changes that AT&T was making to Apple’s FaceTime video chat service that would allow more customers to use the feature over cellular. Specifically, the wireless provider said that over the next two months, they would be making changes that would permit customers with tiered data plans to make FaceTime calls over their cellular network – a feature that was originally limited to those who signed up for their new shared data plan.

While the company hasn’t released an official statement on the matter, there are now several firsthand accounts from users across the net claiming that the changes have already been made. The Verge found multiple reports on various forums and on Twitter where users have had success making a FaceTime call over cellular with a tiered data plan.

Keep in mind of course that this appears to be a slow rollout and it isn’t yet working for everyone. The publication recommends that you first reboot your phone before trying.

At the time, AT&T executive James W. Cicconi said the company planned to further extend the feature to customers with different data plans but he didn’t give a timetable for implementation. That vague statement seems to be in question at this hour as The Verge was also able to confirm that some iPhone users with a grandfathered unlimited data plan are now also able to make FaceTime.

Have you tried making a FaceTime over cellular call on a non-shared data plan yet, and if so, were you successful?