Korean pop sensation Psy has managed to set a number of new records on YouTube thanks to his hit video Gangnam Style. In less than five months, his music video surpassed Justin Bieber's Baby to become the most viewed clip on the video sharing site. It's an impressive feat when you consider that Bieber's song has been online for nearly three years.

As of writing, Gangnam Style has amassed over 820 million YouTube views since it went online on July 15. For comparison, Baby has almost 805 million hits at this hour. Furthermore, Guinness World Records has recognized Psy's song as the most liked video in YouTube history. It's received more than 5.5 million likes thus far.

More telling however is the rate of viewership. According to Guinness, Psy's video is being viewed more than 7 million times each day compared to just 403,000 for Bieber.

Larry Kim from marketing blog WordStream says Gangnam Style has been viewed more than 4,000 times every minute so far in the month of November. At the current pace, it's on track to be the first video in YouTube history to surpass the billion views mark. Statistics show that's likely to happen within a few weeks, specifically around December 11.

Kim also complied a lot of other stats, many of which favor the teen pop star. Bieber is doing much better in social media with over 30 million Twitter followers compared to Psy's 1.2 million. He also grades out higher in terms of staying power and strength of fandom.

Moving forward, one has to wonder if Psy will be around for a while of if his fame will fade and earn him the title of one of the world's biggest one-hit wonders.