We knew early on that Google was planning to make cuts to Motorola Mobility's staff after they announced plans to acquire the company for $12.5 billion in August 2011. The plan to reduce the workforce by around 4,000 is now well under way as a number of international Motorola Mobility websites have been taken offline.

Affected regions include Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, according to The Next Web. The company's Asian portal was shut down on Friday following the takedown of Motorola's website in Israel back in August. Google announced they would lose up to $275 million at that time for the third quarter.

Each portal essentially gives the same message when trying to enter. In summary, the notice says that Motorola is streamlining their business and support systems and will no longer have a dedicated website for xxx (insert region here). The notice then directs users to other functional sites that are remaining open for support services.

The fine print states that not all products are guaranteed to be available in said country. As the publication suggests, Motorola ultimately had too many poor products and they weren't able to get the good products in the hands of consumers that wanted them.

Of course, this all shouldn't really be too much of a surprise as Motorola was in trouble even before Google purchased them. The move by the parent company is seen by many as a way to help stop the bleeding, granted the efforts won't likely be reflected until sometime next year.