A recent Microsoft Research Connections blog post outlines some changes that have been made with regards to the tools that developers can use to create apps for Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8. Up to this point, developers were required to build the app on a computer using a special set of development tools.

That’s no longer the case as Microsoft has come up with a new way to build apps for their latest operating system. It’s called the TouchDevelop Web App which Redmond describes as a development environment to build apps on tablets or smartphones without the use of a PC. Essentially it’s a set of developer tools that can be used right inside your web browser.

Microsoft released a similar developer product a year ago called TouchDevelop for Windows Phone. This latest version basically expands on that by including browser support. If you’d still prefer to build apps on a desktop or notebook, TouchDevelop Web App will work on this platform as well via a mouse and keyboard.

As Neowin points out, those interested in trying to build their own app will first need to sign in with a Windows Live, Facebook or Google account to access the TouchDevelop Web App page.

There are multiple tutorial videos on the site that should serve newcomers as well as seasoned veterans. If you need more help creating your app, Microsoft has set up a forum for users to ask questions and see what sort of project other developers are working on.