Google has pushed out an update for its iOS Gmail app that introduces an entirely new look along with a variety of new features and improvements across the board. Arriving a day after another update for Android users, version 2.0 finally brings multiple account support to iPhones and iPads, enabling users to login to up to five Google Accounts from the menu and switch between them with a couple of taps.

The redesigned look takes some inspiration from Sparrow, the popular email client Google acquired earlier this year, and the clean aesthetics from recent products like Now. The new app features smooth transitions and animations between windows, infinite scrolling in message lists, profile pictures in messages, and autocomplete predictions that appear as you type, shaving off precious seconds (and typos).

You can also respond to Google Calendar invites within the app without jumping out to a web view, and tighter Google+ integration means you can +1 and comment on posts directly from the app.

The app was six months in the works and apparently the Sparrow team was not involved in its development. In any case, it's still a much welcome improvement to the Gmail experience on iOS, as the official app for Apple's devices has been lagging behind in features compared to its Android counterpart.

Several users are getting a message saying the app is no longer available when attempting to update the app. Apparently, Gmail is still rolling out on iTunes, so if you’re having trouble just try again in a few minutes.